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Anti-clockwise MORNING

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Opposite 44 Frankley Road 7:52 am
Highlands Intermediate 8:08 am
New Plymouth Boys' High School 8:12 am
New Plymouth Girls' High School (outside school) 8:20 am
Sacred Heart Girls' College 8:25 am

Map showing Orbiter 53

R53 Orbiter Schoolbus3

Citylink school bus fares

Zone Within NP NP ↔ BB or Omata NP ↔ Oākura NP ↔ Waitara
Child (student) - single trip       
Cash $2.30 $2.60 $3.30 $3,80
Smart Card  $1.80 $2.10  $2.60  $3.00
Student special - 40-trip multi-pass       
Cost per trip $1.60 $1.85 $2.05 $2.35
Total- 40 trips $64.00 $74.00 $82.00 $94,00

Please note that:

  • All fares are one-way.
  • 40-trip multi-passes are available only to school students.
  • Prices include GST.

Fare zones

New Plymouth: New Plymouth from the 100 km/h sign on South Road (west of NP) through along Devon Road (SH3) north up to and including Egmont Road. South to the corner of SH3 and Mangorei Road.

Omata: Omata village from (but excluding) Plymouth Road along SH45 to (including Beach Road) to the 50km/h signs entering New Plymouth.

Oākura: Oakura township, from and including Wairau Rd, along SH45 through to and including Plymouth Road.

Bell Block: Bell Block township from (but excluding) Egmont Road along Devon Road (SH3), along Devon Road through to and including Mountain Road.

Waitara: Waitara township from (but excluding) Mountain Road through Brixton, to the corner Main North Road and Bayly Street. South along Princess St to and including Rahiri Street


See our page of maps showing school-bus afternoon departure points at New Plymouth secondary and intermediate schools. Each map is also downloadable in PDF format.

Afternoon departure points


Save money on school bus fares with a Smart Card multi-trip pass. They offer an additional 20% discount for students travelling on services from Waitara and Oakura, and a 10% reduction for those travelling from Bell Block or Omata or within New Plymouth (see fare table on this page).

Multi- passes can be loaded into ordinary Citylink Smart Cards. The cards will handle both types of transactions - single trips or multi-trips.  A multi-trip will be automatically deducted if the pass is usable on the route/zone, the pass has not expired and there is still at least one unused multi-trip available.

If you already have an existing Smart Card, simply pay the appropriate fee at the one of the offices listed below, and your card will be loaded automatically.

If you do not have a Smart Card you will need to apply for a card. Application forms are available on Citylink buses, or you can download one from this page.

Application forms are also available from one of the following: 

  • Puke Ariki i-SITE at the Bus Centre Ariki Street, (Dalroy Tours office), between 9.30-3.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Bell Block and Waitara libraries
  • Tranzit Coachlines, 15 Sunley St, New Plymouth. 

You can drop your application into Puke Ariki i-SITE, Bus Centre Ariki Street, (Dalroy Tours office), Bell Block and Waitara libraries or Tranzit Coachlines (15 Sunley St, New Plymouth). 

Note: Tertiary and WITT students are not eligible for multi-trip passes.

Multi-pass FAQs

Application form [PDF, 355 KB]


All students and other passengers must understand and comply with this code of conduct.

All passengers have the right to:

  • Fair treatment and respect.
  • A friendly and efficient service.
  • A safe, comfortable and clean environment when waiting or travelling.

You are responsible for:

  • Your belongings and personal effects.
  • Your own behaviour.
  • Paying the correct fare when boarding (cash or Smart Card).
  • Showing the required identification if claiming a discounted fare when boarding.
  • Reporting any mistreatment or damage to property.
  • Following the instructions of any bus driver, Regional Council Officer, security or police officer.
  • Understanding and respecting the rights of other people using or waiting for a bus at a designated area.

You must not:

  • Threaten, bully, harass or cause physical or verbal harm to others (this includes other passengers and pedestrians or people in other vehicles). Police or schools (if a student is involved) will be contacted to take action.
  • Eat, chew gum or smoke on the bus.
  • Sit or stand in step-wells or on armrests, or place feet on the back of the seats.
  • Drink alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages; this contravenes the Transport Act.
  • Spit or litter. Please use rubbish bins at the front of the bus.
  • Tag, graffiti or damage anything. This behaviour may lead to police involvement.
  • Stand in front of the driver.
  • Take an animal on to the bus unless it is a guide dog.
  • Use emergency equipment unless it is in an emergency situation.

No responsibility will be taken by Tranzit Coachlines or the Taranaki Regional Council for the loss of property. If you find lost property, please give it to the driver. If you have lost something on the bus, please contact Tranzit Coachlines phone 0800 87 22 87.

When disembarking, please wait until the bus has cleared the stop before crossing the road.

Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in legal action or removal of your rights to use the Citylink bus service.

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