Total Mobility providers

Information about Total Mobility providers and their fares, and the availability of wheelchair-capable vehicles.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles

Freedom Companion Driving Service, Driving Miss Daisy and Ironside Vehicle Society are the only North Taranaki- based transport providers who have wheelchair-capable vehicles.

STOPS have a wheelchair-capable vehicle available for those in the South Taranaki area. 

Please let the transport operator know you require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and are a Total Mobility member when booking your transport.

Is Ironside Vehicle Society an approved Total Mobility transport provider?

The Council does provide some funding to Ironside, but this is separate from the ID swipe card system. Ironside Vehicle Society is a not-for-profit organisation, not a commercial operator.  Ironside provides transport for physically dependent and aged residents. This means you do not have to be a Total Mobility user to use Ironside’s service.

Your Total Mobility ID card is NOT required for your travel with Ironside.

Ironside fares

Fares are based on the distance travelled. All fares on this table are one-way trips and are inclusive of GST.

NOTE: Ironside is not an on-call provider; it is recommended that you always pre-book wheelchair-hoist vehicles well ahead of time, particularly for weekends and public holidays as these times are covered by volunteer drivers.

Trip distance (km) Fare charged Charge to client TRC subsidy
0-5 $20 $10 $10


$15 $15
11-15 $40 $20 $20
16-20 $54 $27 $27
21-25 $66 $33 $33
26-30 $78 $39 $39
31-35 $90 $45 $45
36-40 $104 $52 $52
41-45 $110 $55 $55
46-50 $130 $65 $65
Over 50 $166 $78 $78