Elected councillors

Meet our elected councillors for the 2022-2025 term, and find out which committees they serve on.


Committee & other roles Meetings schedule
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Charlotte Littlewood, Chair
New Plymouth Constituency

email Charlotte Littlewood

Neil Walker, Deputy Chair
South Taranaki Constituency

email Neil Walker

Bonita Bigham
Taranaki Māori Constituency

 email Bonita Bigham

Tom Cloke
New Plymouth Constituency

email Tom Cloke

Donna Cram
South Taranaki Constituency

email Donna Cram

Mike Davey
North Taranaki Constituency

email Mike Davey

Susan Hughes
New Plymouth Constituency

email Susan Hughes

Alan Jamieson
Stratford Constituency

email Alan Jamieson

David Lean
New Plymouth Constituency

email David Lean

Donald McIntyre
North Taranaki Constituency

email Donald McIntyre

Craig Williamson
New Plymouth Constituency

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Committee memberships (2022 - 2025)


Operations and Regulatory Committee

Chairperson: Susan Hughes

Deputy Chairperson: Donna Cram

Members: Bonita Bigham, Tom Cloke, Mike Davey, David Lean, Donald McIntyre

Ex officio: Charlotte Littlewood, Neil Walker

External appointments: Dion Luke, Richard Buttimore and Ānaru White (iwi).

Policy and Planning Committee

Chairperson: Craig Williamson

Deputy Chairperson: Bonita Bigham

Members: Donna Cram, Susan Hughes, Alan Jamieson, Donald McIntyre

Ex officio: Charlotte Littlewood, Neil Walker

External appointments: Peter Moeahu, Emily Bailey, Mitchell Ritai (iwi).

 Executive, Audit and Risk Committee

Chairperson: Tom Cloke

Members: Susan Hughes, Alan Jamieson, Donald McIntyre, Craig Williamson

Ex officio: Charlotte Littlewood, Neil Walker

Regional Transport Committee

Chairperson: Alan Jamieson

Deputy Chairperson: Tom Cloke

Alternate Member: Charlotte Littlewood

Portfolio roles

Government reform and regulation: Neil Walker

Agriculture: Donna Cram


Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

TRC appointment: Neil Walker

TRC Alternate Member: Tom Cloke

Taranaki Solid Waste Management Committee

TRC appointment: Donald McIntyre

TRC Alternate Member: Neil Walker

Yarrow Stadium Joint Committee (yet to be re-constituted)

TRC appointments: David Lean, Tom Cloke


 Board of Pukeiti and Pukeiti Trust Fund

TRC appointment to Board of Pukeiti: Donald McIntyre

TRC appointment to Pukeiti Trust Fund: Charlotte Littlewood

State Highway 3 Working Party

TRC appointments: Tom Cloke, Alan Jamieson

 Local Government NZ Regional Sector Group and Zone 3 Group

TRC representative: Charlotte Littlewood

Yarrow Stadium Trust

TRC appointments: tbc

Regional Software Holdings Ltd

TRC appointments: Steve Ruru (Chief Executive) and Mike Nield (Director-Corporate Services).

Policy on Elected Members' Allowances and Recovery of Expenses

This policy sets out rules on the claiming of expenses by elected members and the resources that will be available to them during their term of office.

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