Recount newsletter March 2017

In this issue: Freshwater to the fore, and an important message for farmers in Taranaki.

RECOUNT — Taranaki Regional Council's quarterly newsletter
Issue 104, March 2017

Macroinvertebrates reveal much about health of waterways.

Creatures offer comfort

The ecological health of Taranaki's waterways continues to improve, building further on strong gains in recent years ... READ MORE

Testing the waters.

Iwi test waters

Taranaki Regional Council officers are providing a number of iwi and hapū in the region with training and advice to allow them to monitor the health of waterways ... READ MORE

David MacLeod.

From the Chair

It's clear that freshwater quality will be a much-talked-about issue in the lead-up to the national elections in September ... READ MORE

New guide for farmers.

New guide for farmers

A plain-English guide to Council requirements for farmers will soon be widely distributed throughout the region ... READ MORE

Water quality at a glance.

'Swim' answers easy to find

'Swimmability' has become a widely discussed freshwater issue. But for Taranaki people wanting to know where it's suitable to swim, there's a simple answer ... READ MORE

Wetlands field day.

Flax-finding mission

About 90 people marked World Wetlands Day in February with a public field trip to Waipu Lagoons in Bell Block ... READ MORE(external link)

Hillcountry field day.

Networking at a high level

"Everyone's winning on a day like this," says Huiroa hillcountry farmer Campbell McCowan. His comment came at the end of a field day farm tour ... READ MORE

Riparian protection.

Stream work gains urgency

New Government regulations requiring stock to be kept out of waterways bring added urgency to Taranaki's world-scale streamside fencing and planting programme ... READ MORE

Plant Hunter's Station.

Action stations for plant lovers

Visitors to Pukeiti can easily find more information on plants of interest thanks to an online 'plant hunter's station' giving access to the iconic garden's customised plant database ... READ MORE

Gardens events.

Upcoming gardens events

Be sure to catch one of the great events planned at Tūpare, Hollard Gardens or Pukeiti over the coming months ... READ MORE

Annual Plan consultation.

Minimal rates change proposed

The Taranaki Regional Council has adopted a Draft Annual Plan that foreshadows a 1% rise in general rates for the 2017-2018 financial year ... READ MORE

Port Taranaki.

Port delivers consistent result

A consistent performance by Port Taranaki Ltd resulted in a net profit of $4.75 millionin the half-year to 31 December, up 1.5% on the same period in the previous year ... READ MORE

Education programme in action.

Getting a taste for real science

Students love interacting with the environment, says Kevin Archer, and he should know — he's been teaching for 45 years ... READ MORE