Coastal environment

For people to enjoy many of the popular activities based around the Taranaki coast, good water quality is a must.

Good quality water also provides a healthy and productive marine ecosystem. 

Give the Council notice of a permitted activity under the Proposed Coastal Plan(external link)

Coastal management

Coastal management has progressed enormously since the 1970s. At one time there were around 25 major community or industrial discharges of treated wastewater to coastal waters in Taranaki. Now, there are only three. Today, the biggest influence on coastal water quality is from rivers discharging to the sea.

Over 20 organisations and agencies are involved in managing activities on the land, coast and sea areas of the marine environment. The Regional Council’s responsibilities and management approach are detailed in the Regional Coastal Plan for Taranaki, which governs activities from the mean high water spring mark out to 12 nautical miles offshore. District Councils have responsibility for activities on land that may impact coastal waters.

The Regional Coastal Plan has been under review and a new Proposed Coastal Plan has been developed.