Hazards & protection

Risk reduction, readiness, response and recovery are key Council duties relating to hazards.

River & flood control

The region is protected with two multimillion-dollar flood control schemes, a number of smaller ones and a region-wide river level and flood monitoring and warning system operated ...

Taranaki Civil Defence

The Council administers the Taranaki Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, which is governed by the three District Mayors and the Regional Council Chair.

Pollution responses

To report a pollution incident, call the Council's environmental hotline: 0800 736 222. The Council responds 24/7 to environmental incidents to investigate, and clean up pollution ...

Contaminated land

In Taranaki, the vast majority of sites investigated for potential contamination show no evidence of contamination.

Report dumped rubbish

If you find dumped rubbish that might pollute a waterway, call 0800 736 222 straight away. Otherwise, use this form or phone 0800 DUMPING (0800 386 7464).