Resource consents issued

Find out which activities have been granted resource consents by the Council.

All resource consents issued by the Council are displayed on the Resource Consent Map that's part of our online GIS SmartMaps.

When the map is open, zoom into your area of interest. Resource consents are indicated by small coloured shapes - to see what each of these means, select 'Legend' in the header bar above the map. 

An example of consents information.Click on your consent of interest, and a pop-up box will open showing information about the consent. To see all the information, be sure to click on the forward arrow icon in the header of the pop-up box.

The illustration here shows an example of a pop-up panel. The information in the panel relates to the highlighted location (denoted with red arrow). Other site information is also available and you may need to use the forward button (denoted with orange arrow) to see the consents information.

Click here to open the interactive resource consents map(external link)

Resource consents issued by Council officers under delegated authority are also reported to six-weekly meetings of the Council’s Consents and Regulatory Committee. Check the summaries listed on this page.

Resource consents issued 2022

Summaries of resource consents issued under delegated authority, as reported to the Council's Consents and Regulatory Committee.

Resource consents issued 12 November 2021 to 21 January 2022 (670 KB pdf) More summaries