Head Gardener Update

The team has been diligently preparing for the upcoming planting season.

 Weed control has been a top priority, focusing on tackling the usual suspects like lotus. Mulch has been ordered and will be applied in autumn to nurture the soil.

In the Misty Knoll, there are plans for more support planting to enhance seasonal interest and improve soil structure. The Keiller Garden is looking vibrant, showcasing a stunning array of Asters, Helenium, and Rudbeckias in full bloom.

The Vireya collection deserves a special mention, still displaying vivid colours and featuring intriguing summer bulbs such as Arisemias and Scadoxus. The hydrangeas, especially the H. paniculata types, have been thriving across the garden, adding their own charm to the landscape.


Head Gardener Kristian