Monthly rainfall

Our hydrology team and GIS specialists pool their talents to bring you these monthly summaries.

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January 2018 rainfall

Thu 08 Feb 2018

Rainfall for January was above normal by between 109% and 292% for all sites except Kapoaiaia (88%) and Taungatara (89%).

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December 2017 rainfall & 2017 rainfall summary

Fri 12 Jan 2018

Most of our monitored sites got less than half of their usual December rainfall and a few of them were as low as 13% to 15%. This dry end to the year, however, balanced earlier wet periods, and total 2017 rainfall at most places was not far above normal.

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November 2017 rainfall


Tue 05 Dec 2017

The scale of the current dry spell is sharply apparent in Taranaki's rain stats for November, with record low rainfall at a number of our monitored sites.

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October 2017 rainfall


Thu 02 Nov 2017

October was very dry, with only 28% to 85% of normal rainfall recorded at our monitored sites.

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September 2017 rainfall

Sept2017 block

Thu 05 Oct 2017

September was wet - on average, our monitored sites across the region got 153% of their normal monthly total, with a couple of places above 200%.

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August 2017 rainfall

Aug2017 block

Tue 05 Sep 2017

Another wet month - August rainfall ranged from 102% to 217% of normal at the sites we monitor, with the average being 167%.

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July 2017 rainfall

June2017 block

Fri 04 Aug 2017

July was a wet month throughout Taranaki.

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June 2017 rainfall

June2017 block

Wed 05 Jul 2017

June was very dry, with rainfall ranging from 27% to 61% of normal at our monitored sites.

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