Landfills, cleanfills & green waste

These reports cover monitoring programmes at sites that are currently operational and at sites that are now closed.

Bell Block Land Holdings Ltd

There is one resource consent relating to this site on Manutahi Rd, Bell Block, which is closed and being reinstated under a riparian planting plan in conjunction with the Council.

Annual report 2013-2014 (837 KB pdf) Earlier reports

Candyman Trust

The Candyman Trust operates a cleanfill to reclaim part of a man-made pond that resulted from previous quarrying activity on Manutahi Rd, south of Bell Block.

Candyman Trust Annual Report 2021-2022 (658 KB PDF) (single document only)

RH Vosseler landfill

RH Vosseler holds one consent to discharge leachate from a private landfill at Sole Rd, Ngaere.

Annual report 2012-2013 (453 KB pdf) (single document only)

Westown Haulage Ltd additional cleanfill site