Monitored consent-holders include farmers and others taking water for irrigation, piggeries and a fertiliser storage area.

NZ Pure Bred Genetics Ltd piggery

The NZ Pure Bred Genetics (formerly Meadowvale) piggery on Mountain Road at Midhirst had two resource consents allowing the company to discharge treated effluent to land and into Rumkeg Creek and to discharge emissions into the air. The piggery was relocated to another region during the 2016-2017 year, and the land and buildings sold.

Final report 2016-2017 (349 KB pdf) Earlier reports

MA Brophy wetland

MA Brophy was granted a resource consent allowing specified land improvement activities near a regionally significant wetland at Pungarehu, as long as special conditions are observed relating to the long-term impact of this work on the wetland.

Annual report 2012-2013 (2.5 MB pdf) (one document only)

Osflo Fertiliser Ltd

Osflo Fertiliser Ltd’s poultry waste fertiliser storage, blending and distribution facility on Hursthouse Rd, Lepperton, has two resource consents allowing the company to discharge stormwater and treated waste water from the poultry litter storage area into land in the vicinity of the Awai Stream, and one consent to discharge emissions into the air.

Osflo Fertiliser Ltd monitoriong report 2019-2020 (841 KB pdf) Earlier reports

Stanley Bros Trust piggery

The Stanley Bros Trust holds resource consents for discharge to land and to air from its piggery on South Road at Ōpunake.

Stanley Bros Piggery consent monitoring 2019-2020 (1.2 MB pdf) (single document only)

Earlier reports

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