Oil & gas - production

These monitored consent holders process oil and gas from onshore and offshore oil and gas fields in Taranaki.

Todd Generation Junction Road Power Station

This plant is located at 688 Junction Road, New Plymouth, in the Waiwhakaiho catchment. The facility is composed of two gas fired peaker plants.

Todd Generation Junction Road Power Station Monitoring Programme Annual Report 2020 2021 (1.3 MB pdf)

Flexgas Ltd Ahuroa B gas storage facility

Prior to 2019-2020, this facilty was operated by GSNZ SPV1 Ltd. Prior to 2018-2019, it was operated by Contact Energy Ltd, and reported on jointly with Stratford Power Station under the 'Industry' category.

Flexgas Ltd Ahuroa B Gas Storage Facility Annual Report 2020 2021 (1.1 MB PDF) Earlier reports

Greymouth Petroleum Ltd Kaimiro production station

Greymouth Petroleum Ltd Turangi production station

This plant on Turangi Rd, Motunui, processes oil and gas from Greymouth’s northern Taranaki operations including the Turangi and Kowhai wellsites.

Annual report 2016-2017 (1.8 MB pdf) More reports

OMV Taranaki Ltd Maui production station

The Maui production station was operated by Shell Taranaki Ltd prior to 2018-2019.
Located at Tai Rd, Oaonui, it processes gas and consensate from the offshore Maui field. It was reported only jointly with the Kapuni production station until the 2014-2015 year, after which separate reports were presented.
From 2017-2018, Todd Petroleum has operated the Kapuni production stations and Kapuni reports from 2017-2018 onwards are listed separately on this page.

Maui PS consent monitoring 2020-2021 (943 KB pdf) More reports

Taranaki Ventures Ltd Copper Moki production station

This plant on Cheal Rd, Ngaere, processes oil and gas from the adjacent wellsite.

Biennial report 2012-2014 (2 MB pdf) (single document only)

Todd Energy Ltd McKee Mangahewa production station